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EPIC Energies


EPIC Energies solar panel install

Your Comprehensive Solution to Solar

EPIC Construction Ops (ECO) is the exclusive installation and construction service company of EPIC Energies. Based in Florida and capable of working nationally, ECO was created by two established construction entities, Specialty Contracting and Fred Griffin Builders, for the purpose of providing EPIC Energies a well- rounded and deeply experienced fulfillment arm for both commercial and residential applications.

As a result of combining these resources, as well as a team of experienced construction leaders in their perspective areas of expertise, ECO is prepared to provide a solution for all situations, and bring decades of experience to the table.

Complete Solar Solutions

Solar panel and energy solution design, engineering and installation

Roofing Solutions

Commercial and residential roof assessment, repair, and installation

Construction Services

Structural assessment, engineering, and construction Services

General Contractor Services

Certified general contractor in Florida, Master GC in Indiana, and licensed in 10 states