Energy independence is EPIC

EPIC Energies is the nation's premiere full scale renewable energy developer. We help our clients optimize their energy usage, design the world's most efficient PV arrays, and construct the highest-quality/longest-warrantied energy systems known to man. We are eager to help you convert expenses into income and maintenance headaches into worry free property improvements.

Renewable Energy

Solar allows our clients to maximize economic and environmetal savings

Commercial Benefits

Convert your energy costs into operating income to increase valuation

Solar is Carbon-Free

Solar energy systems have a minimal environmental footprint


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Years Renewable Energy Experience


Many companies in the renewable energy space have a "profit first, customer second, planet third" ideology, this is NOT the EPIC way. Our "product and planet" first focus, along with our expertise in real estate valuation and finance has allowed us to provide the greatest environmental and financial returns for our clients and ourselves. Investing in a solar solution is a unique process for each and every consumer of energy, so don't put your property into the hands of a solar company, choose a company that is versed in construction, valuation, finance, engineering, and design... not to mention one that provides the highest ROIs in the industry. Make your choice EPIC!

Commercial Solar Solutions

Solar energy array systems that perform better and are warrantied longer than any others in the industrty.

Let's Save You Money

Tax Credits, etc etc

Residential Solutions

Microgrid solutions put money back into your pocket by allowing you to sell your excess energy back to the grid.



The cornerstone of the EPIC Energies philosophy is that we put the health of the planet and the value that we provide to our customers above all else. We creatively design systems that are only comprised of the high quality, most durable, and best-warrantied components in the world. In fact, our patent pending GreeRite® System brings together the world's highest quality system components in conjunction with LIFETIME warrantied roofing. Equally as important as our competency in the many facets of green energy, is our comprehensive understanding of creating value in all types of real estate; particularly in commercial properties.

The EPIC team spent over one year comparing solar system components and building materials to understand the vast spectrum of commercial solar scenarios in the current and upcoming market. During our research and design, the EPIC Energies team formulated a patent pending process for commercial and industrial solar applications utilizing the best existing components, and materials.

We commend thank each of our manufacturing partners for thier commitment to providing the highest quality system components in the renewable energy and commercial building industries, long before the incorporation of EPIC Energies. Our commitment is to most efficiently proliferate a worldwide conversion to renewable energy.

Our systems produce up to 45% MORE ENERGY PER SQUARE FOOT! The benefit here, aside from greater production, is that less physical space is needed to offset the energy usage of our clients, allowing us to pass through cost and time savings. In addition, we provide you with a LIFTETIME manufacturer warrantied roof coating that is also tax deducible.

With each interconnected system, we are truly setting The Gold Standard in Green EnergyTM, and providing the longest lasting, highest output systems for Our customers, and our planet!


EPIC Construction Ops

EPIC Construction Ops (ECO) is the exclusive installation and construction service company of EPIC Energies. Based in Florida and capable of working nationally, ECO was created by two established construction entities, Specialty Contracting and Fred Griffin Builders, for the purpose of providing EPIC Energies a well- rounded and deeply experienced fulfillment arm for both commercial and residential applications.

As a result of combining these resources, as well as a team of experienced construction leaders in their perspective areas of expertise, ECO is prepared to provide a solution for all situations, and bring decades of experience to the table.

Complete Solar Solutions

Solar panel and energy solution design, engineering and installation

Roofing Solutions

Commercial and residential roof assessment, repair, and installation

Construction Services

Structural assessment, engineering, and construction Services

General Contractor Services

Certified general contractor in Florida, Master GC in Indiana, and licensed in 10 states



EPIC Energies was founded to innovate within the renewable energy marketplace and our unique, patented GreenRiteTM system provides customers a 25-year on-site solar energy solution, backed by the world's most trusted and highest quality component manufacturing. This innovative system provides 15% to 25% higher ROIs than traditional rooftop solar methods. EPIC Energies has direct relationships with LG, Solar Stack, OpSun Racking, SMA, and Solar Edge, as it strives ONLY to use top tier equipment due to their warranties and guaranteed production over 25 years.

Our Mission

EPIC feeds powerful solutions now so our planet may sustain us tomorrow.

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Solar Experts

Project success starts with shrewd planning and seamless installation. Our in-house team has over 12 years experience in the solar and renewable energies industry.


The renewable energy sector is constantly changing and we specialize in procuring the best, most stable, energy products that fit our clients specific needs.


Many energy outfits are just resellers of technology. EPIC innovates by investing time and research into each of our solutions to ensure maximum ROI.


We are your comprehensive renewable energy solutions provider. With large-scale development experience we are able to design and build to your exacting requirements.

EPIC Leadership

With over 80 years combined exerience we have put together an all-star solar and development team.

Joseph C Belmont


Joseph graduated from Cornell University in 2009, and spent the next 8 years leasing commercial properties, and performing in depth investment analysis at Belmont Investment Corp. His career as an entrepreneur began when Joseph formed Everfresh Endeavors; bringing together a distinguished team of industry experts to purchase and take over the LIME Fresh Mexican Grill Brand from Ruby Tuesday. Joseph is still active in the commercial real estate development community. Over the past 2 years, however, he has been dedicated to building the EPIC Energies brand, and applying his experience to making renewable energy more relatable to large scale commercial and industrial application. Joseph's dedication to improving the long- term health of Planet Earth is at the core of his company vision.

Alex Carnal


Alex grew up in the Construction and Property Development Industry, starting with his family contracting business at a young age. After graduating high school, he served in the Army for 6 years and obtained his degree in business and marketing from the Kelly School of Business in Indiana. He has continued his professional career and has built several businesses in both Florida and Indiana, focusing in the Clean Energy, Finance and Construction industries. He currently owns Epic Construction Ops, the exclusive fulfillment and construction arm of Epic Energies. His multi-industry experience and background in clean energy bridges the gap between the technology, finance, and fulfillment capability, allowing all functions to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

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