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Commercial Solar Solutions
EPIC is a nationwide solar energy solutions provider that consults, installs, and manages solutions for commercial clients.

We are the gold standard in green energy.

EPIC Energies is dedicated to producing the highest returns on investment for both our clients and our planet.

We are the nation's premiere full scale renewable energy developer. We help our clients optimize their energy usage, design the world's most efficient PV arrays, and construct the highest-quality/longest-warrantied energy systems known to man.

Investing in a solar solution is a unique process for each and every consumer of energy, so trust a company that is versed in construction, valuation, finance, engineering, and design... not to mention one that provides the highest ROIs in the industry. Make your choice EPIC!

Let's develop your company's renewable energy plan



Stay up to date on our latest projects, we ensure you they are all EPIC.

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