Energy independence is Epic

We have assisted numerous businesses in Florida and nationwide achieve energy independence via investment in solar and renewable energy solutions. We are the South Florida solar experts.

Renewable Energy

Solar allows our clients to maximize economic and environmetal savings

Commercial Benefits

Convert your energy costs into operating income to increase valuation

Solar is Carbon-Free

Solar energy systems have a minimal environmental footprint


Many companies in the alternative energy space are the spawn of a "profit first, customer second" conception. Investing in a solar solution is a unique process for each and every consumer of energy and we provide solutions across the spectrum of renewable energy products.

Commercial Solar Solutions

From solar energy array systems, Tesla PowerWalls, or a Generac generators, we have the right solution for you.

Bifacial Solar Experts

Our bifacial systems allow for solar energy collection on the front and back side of the panel, maximizing your ROI.

Microgrid Solutions

Microgrid solutions put money back into your pocket by allowing you to sell your excess energy back to the grid.

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We provide customized solutions to help you better manage your electricity expenses and identify ways you can save through our free Business Energy Evaluation.

Our Mission

Epic feeds powerful solutions now so our planet may sustain us tomorrow.

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Solar Experts

Project success starts with shrewd planning and seamless installation. Our in-house team has over 12 years experience in the solar and renewable energies industry.


The renewable energy sector is constantly changing and we specialize in procuring the best, most stable, energy products that fit our clients specific needs.


Many energy outfits are just resellers of technology. Epic innovates by investing time and research into each of our solutions to ensure maximum ROI.


We are your comprehensive renewable energy solutions provider. With large-scale development experience we are able to design and build to your exacting requirements.

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