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Storage Rentals of America
West Palm Beach, Florida — Solar with a 20 year silicone cool-roof system

They were looking for a new roof; we electrified it for almost the same cost

Installed in West Palm Beach, Florida for Storage Rentals of America this project was designed for easy serviceability, as well as features a custom inverter rack built to enhance appearance and functionality. Since this is a standing seam roof, we were able to use S-5 clamps and NOT penetrate the roof. In addition, we meet the high velocity wind speed code. The same silicone coating was applied prior to installation across the entire roof. Because the roof system works in tandem with the solar, our client was able to depreciate the roof as well as realize tax savings through government tax credits.

Project Highlights

  • 106kw non-penatrative system
  • 64,341 sqft 15yr warranted silcone cool-roof system
  • Net metered system interconnected through FPL

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